Father Ho Lung – Under Fire For Speaking the Truth

So Father Ho Lung like any other citizen utilized his constitutional right to be critical of Lisa Hanna.

 The father criticized the minister for a controversial swimwear photo and used these words in a recent Gleaner post:

“To me, Lisa Hanna is the disappointment of the year (2014), our minister of youth and culture. I am reminded of Lucifer’s fall from heaven. I hope that our youth will not follow her example.”

Naturally he is now under fire by those who support the sexy figure of Minister Hanna and could care less about HOW SHE HAS PERFORMED in her capacity as Minister of Youth.


I have known Father Ho Lung since my younger days of attending Catholic schools  in Jamaica, and I have known him to be a man of PEACE and INTEGRITY.

As a matter of fact, what he has done along with fellow priests for the POOR and DISENFRANCHISED in Jamaica speaks volumes. 

Image Source: jamaica-gleaner.com
Image Source: jamaica-gleaner.com

To see the level of VITRIOL being hurled at him also speaks volumes.

It highlights the HYPOCRISY of many of us who call ourselves Jamaicans.

We will defend our POLITICIANS at what ever cost even when the reality is that they have FAILED US.

Like it or not Lisa Hanna has failed miserably in her role as Minister of Youth. Lest we forget she was voted as one of the worst ministers in the WORLD.

As her fans continue to go ‘ga ga’ and ‘goo goo’ over her beauty, the question remains what is SHE doing about the DISENFRANCHISED youth in Jamaica?


Having a BEAUTIFUL body is quite fine, but her days as BEAUTY QUEEN are over, now she needs to engage her brain and do what she is being paid by TAX PAYERS’ money to do.

Now were she working elsewhere, she would have long ago been fired, as companies want to make MONEY.

They don’t want former beauty queens sitting on their ‘you know what’ doing nothing.

Now COMMON SENSE dictates that were Ms.Hanna performing in her capacity as Minister of Youth as she should be doing, there would be no need for the criticism.

So do not be angry at Father Ho Lung for stating his OPINION.

That is his right under the constitution. Blame the Minister who spends more time on Instagram defending her BEAUTY than she does working in her capacity as MINISTER OF YOUTH.

Blame her for not having the fortitude to step up and do a GREAT JOB. Blame her for taking on a position which she clearly cannot manage, and blame the Prime Minister for actually placing her in that position.

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Tanisha Barrett
8 years ago

i agree totally. she fail miserably in her position as youth minister.

Heather Mitchell Brown

If you know anything about Lisa you would know that just Lisa and more over what is wrong with her she’s at the beach pastor I know you are doing a lot of good and I love you so I’m not going to knock you I owe you a visit but let Lisa enjoy her young self

Charles Morales-Lewin
8 years ago

Criticism is a form of autobiography!

Jacqueline Grant
8 years ago

Lisa Hanna is not doing shit and the blind can see that!!!

Sakina Brown
8 years ago

We understand that Lisa is not performing well as a minister however that was not what Father Ho Lung was talking about . He was nothing speaking the truth. I understand Lisa isnt perfoming and i have no problem identifying that. So what if she look pretty

Jamila Murray
8 years ago

I have recently started. Living in ja,and i must say the youth r at a disadvantage,they need more dedicated,less talk more action kind a people in there corner,and ms hanna is slacking. Considerably.

Gosnel Mcdermott
8 years ago

she also has the right to dress as she pleases

Tashay Olivium Graham
8 years ago

The original aim of this article was not to criticize her performance as a minister. It was to address Father Ho Lung’s comment on the picture she posted. I see what you did there, posting her picture as a means of getting people to read an article that really isn’t about Father Lung’s opinion on her attire at all…But I can understand why you did it, without her picture nobody would have even bothered to read it..

Billy Culture
8 years ago

Father yu nuh like si sexy woman ,look how much youth in the gully a kiss up ,but dats wat the priest them love si,bun out ,since wen it become a sin fi black woman look sexy .

Mike Thompson
8 years ago

And this man who his a priest, he should take a page from Pope Francis. The Catholics have so many issues, he needs to pick one, instead of judging and and condemning this young Lisa Hanna. Father Ho Lung, the good minister did not sign up to be a Catholic Nun.

Jamaican Voices
8 years ago

and this makes news,,,,,,,???

Karlene Kidd-Smith
8 years ago

Lisa is a human, not God. I don’t feel Father Ho Long should have even looking at these photos in the first place to cause him to criticize her. I was just wondering what did she wear when she was representing Jamaica in the Pageant. we only support people when it suits us. She was a beauty queen before a Minister and you all knew that before you voted for her. So cut the bull and accept the woman for who she is. no one would have ever hear how she not doing a good job, if she did not… Read more »

Harrison Chin Hing
8 years ago

The fact that the minister is a shapely and fit looking woman has nothing to do with her failing as the minister of youth and culture. So being at the beach requires beach wear and that is what she has on and she cannot be blamed for looking good. She might not be the best minister there is but dont blame her for looking damn good. You were all proud of her when she brought home the Miss World crown, problem is our memory is too short.

Peter Gayle
8 years ago

Whose truth is he speaking?His?
To the writer of this Article -DON’T TAKE SOMEONES “OPINION” AS IF IT’S GOSPEL .

Jacque Daley
8 years ago

Father Holong should control his home before critizing Lisa! You go girl!

Raecine Anecia Green
8 years ago

I think Lisa Hanna is doing poorly at her job, but so is father ho lung by slinging insults like that. Comparing the woman to “lucifer’s fall from heaven”?? What? She is on the frickin beach. I am not a fan of hers but comparing her to satan is a bit much.

Betty Stephenson Ashley

Her ability as a minister is not the issue here.

Garth White
8 years ago

Alter Boys…

Ashley Foster
8 years ago

father lo …. need some a lisa body… lol I could care less what she do or what she don’t do …. I determine my future and so do you….. one person can only do so much amd no more …. and even if a person give Jamaicans the world ….. they still say you didn’t do anything for them …… stop complaining and live with it ungrateful prick.

Rika Brooks
8 years ago

you would hope articles like these motivate some sort of positive change….

Jahdiel Kennedy
8 years ago

yes i would agree that she is a failure as a minister but that has nothing to do with the photo she took on her downtime.. she really needs to do sumn for the “Gettho youths’ and underprivileged tho.

Keke Cutifull
8 years ago

Are these ppl serious yes she is the Minister however doesn’t she ave a right to dress appropriate to the beach? What does her responsibilities have to do with a pic at the beach? OK SLD she ave worn a suit? Wld that look better for u who has issues with what she wore

Michelle Elaine LaPorte

He who throws stones should be prepared when they come hurling back. Perhaps he is just being his ungodly vindictive self because of Miss Hanna’s past actions hmmmm http://jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20140418/lead/lead3.html

Tony Brown
8 years ago

I think this is one of the best thing Lisa Hanna has ever done bringing back the minds of men ( males) “in which some totally forgot” the beauty the essence of a women. Blame her where she’s to be blame but Wow!! For this one. I’m totally with her 100%. Love you Lisa!

Loxley Smith
8 years ago

My comment is to Michelle Bradshaw, seeing you support father Ho lung you should differentiate on what basis you are expressing your views. Ms Hanna has come in for a lot of criticism from all sector of society, as a Minister and as former beauty queen. To say she has failed as a Minister is not fair because the whole government has failed Jamaica so to single her out is not fair, to criticise her for posting a sexy picture of herself is pure jealouses there are no rules which state as a minister you should not be proud of… Read more »

Lascelles Douglas
8 years ago

The heading of your article “Father Ho Lung under fire for speaking the truth” peaked my interest! I thought the content of your witting would reflect Ho’s comments but instead you utilize the opportunity to inject your personal distaste for Minister Lisa Hanna. While you may be correct in your assessment of her with regards to her job performance I feel your article misrepresents what it should have been about!!

Omrie Blueblood Samuels

I continue to find this blog to be lacking in analytical empiricism. It is not legitimate for you to use the fact that you attended catholic sch and know Fr. Ho Long as leverage to advance an argument in support of his article. I believe it is not his criticism of her beach wear picture, on the beach that people are upset about, but it is that in lieu of the myriad of disappointments the country saw in 2014, his article identified that picture as the most disappointing. Especially given that there were many other pictures of her in swimwear… Read more »

Stacy-Ann Nolan
8 years ago

This is crazy!!! She’s at the beach, i guess a maxi dress would be more appropriate smh there is way more going on in JA than the minister’s beach atire…. Politicians are human too father!!!

Karen Moodie
8 years ago

talking about Lisa not doing anything for youth in Jamaica ……what is your contribution to the youth it is a collective effort on everybody to help as a minister she will continue to work its a[ways work in progress .all you people do is to be negative she is not god there is no quick fix to the problems because all people do is have kids they cant afford to care of and expect government to be the parents. …father Ho Lung is rude Lisa can only be an asset to Jamaica who better promote jamaica ……which young lady would… Read more »

Arlene Clarke
8 years ago

Father Holung you are the hypocrite and the others who are speaking negative about the photo. Please focus about other things that members on both sides are doing wrong and leave the woman alone. She is a human being and must be allowed to be. She was on the beach GOSH what is wrong with you people. You dont have a life you dont see anything more important to speak about. Stop bashing the lady and move on. You people make me sick.

Raschad Marshall
8 years ago

The article he wrote (if u read it) was not critical of her performance as a minister but was focused only on her beach beach attire, more of a personal attack and that is what sparked the outrage. It lacked substance and intelligence,a rant like that sounded like it was coming from a bitter and resentful person with whom she broke up and left for another man .

Kerriann Surrina Campbell

Father Holung is the HELL here on earth with his Heaven talking. I am sure that Jesus Christ teaches the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of God in the Gospel of the Kingdom for the POOR. He never speaks about Heaven as AN OFFER because Heaven was never offered unto NO ONE. Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth. If Father Ho Lung really want to do something that is Good, the Good of God he would teaches the POOR to walk with the Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ to receive what Father says He is… Read more »

Ch Blaque Green
8 years ago

So, what should the poor minister wear to the beach… i suppose the answer will be a baptismal grown. Lisa Hanna in a swim suit is not a failure. Lisa Hanna as a minister is a failure. So if y’all saying that swim suit should not be worn to the beach is stupid. If you guys are talking about swim suit you talk about swim suit and if you guys are talking about the Minister not fulfilling her job description, you talk about that.

Claudine Smart-Jones
8 years ago

Kmt, he was not focusing so much on her work as a minister as what he deemed inappropriate attire for the minister. For that he is very wrong. She’s free to wear what she wants on the beach.