Father Ho Lung – Under Fire For Speaking the Truth

So Father Ho Lung like any other citizen utilized his constitutional right to be critical of Lisa Hanna.

 The father criticized the minister for a controversial swimwear photo and used these words in a recent Gleaner post:

“To me, Lisa Hanna is the disappointment of the year (2014), our minister of youth and culture. I am reminded of Lucifer’s fall from heaven. I hope that our youth will not follow her example.”

Naturally he is now under fire by those who support the sexy figure of Minister Hanna and could care less about HOW SHE HAS PERFORMED in her capacity as Minister of Youth.


I have known Father Ho Lung since my younger days of attending Catholic schools  in Jamaica, and I have known him to be a man of PEACE and INTEGRITY.

As a matter of fact, what he has done along with fellow priests for the POOR and DISENFRANCHISED in Jamaica speaks volumes. 

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To see the level of VITRIOL being hurled at him also speaks volumes.

It highlights the HYPOCRISY of many of us who call ourselves Jamaicans.

We will defend our POLITICIANS at what ever cost even when the reality is that they have FAILED US.

Like it or not Lisa Hanna has failed miserably in her role as Minister of Youth. Lest we forget she was voted as one of the worst ministers in the WORLD.

As her fans continue to go ‘ga ga’ and ‘goo goo’ over her beauty, the question remains what is SHE doing about the DISENFRANCHISED youth in Jamaica?


Having a BEAUTIFUL body is quite fine, but her days as BEAUTY QUEEN are over, now she needs to engage her brain and do what she is being paid by TAX PAYERS’ money to do.

Now were she working elsewhere, she would have long ago been fired, as companies want to make MONEY.

They don’t want former beauty queens sitting on their ‘you know what’ doing nothing.

Now COMMON SENSE dictates that were Ms.Hanna performing in her capacity as Minister of Youth as she should be doing, there would be no need for the criticism.

So do not be angry at Father Ho Lung for stating his OPINION.

That is his right under the constitution. Blame the Minister who spends more time on Instagram defending her BEAUTY than she does working in her capacity as MINISTER OF YOUTH.

Blame her for not having the fortitude to step up and do a GREAT JOB. Blame her for taking on a position which she clearly cannot manage, and blame the Prime Minister for actually placing her in that position.

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