Get Rid of the PNP to Solve Crime

In a recent article that I wrote for this blog I pointed out that the crime rate going down wasn’t anything to celebrate and it would go back up.

I received a lot of flak from readers that emailed me being very upset, which is their right to do. However, now that the New Year has started the crime rate is up 26% over last year! While it is no joking matter how many people are being slaughtered daily in this country, one cannot help but say: I told you so.

History has taught us that the PNP is incapable of two main things: keeping crime low and growing the Economy. Incidentally both are intrinsically linked. So when I said in the previous article we shouldn’t celebrate, I was on sound historical footing. Now that it seems that divine intervention has run out, (we can’t expect God to solve our problems when we can do it for ourselves). The question is once again being asked: why is it that this Government cannot control crimes? The answer is simple: They do not know how.

They have contributed handsomely to the creation of these hoodlums that are carrying out their murderous rampage across the country. I remember Hardly Lewin, said some years ago when he was head of the Jamaica Defense Force, that Jamaica was a factory that was producing criminals and unless the Factory is dismantled then there will not be any real change in our murder rates. He was correct then and that statement is still correct now. There is absolutely no way that crime can be brought under any control while the state is geared towards making criminals out of us all. It was the then Security Minister Dr. Phillips that said in Jamaica the man that plays by the rules is the man that gets shafted. What he did not tell us, however is that his Government contributed the most to making it so.

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How you might ask? Well it is simple. No other Government has spent the time the PNP has in power and no other Government has ever presided over more corruption than they have. Corruption was never as persuasive in this country before the PNP run of 18 years began. Every facet of the public sector began a steady descent into the quagmire of corrupt practices. To get anything done one has to pay off somebody. Government contracts were, it seems, deliberately allowed to go over budget, in ways that benefited only a certain set of people. Even in broad daylight, the brazen then Finance Minster Dr. Davies stood up and told the country that he allowed the Government to fund what could only be considered an act of corruption, in order to win the general Election, in his now infamous “run wid it” speech.

With corruption running amok the Police force wasn’t immune from it. Policemen and women were bought and paid for by criminals to turn a blind eye to what they were doing. As a matter of fact, police officers were selling ammunition to criminals! That ammunition was not going to be used to shoot birds, but to slaughter the same people that the Police themselves are mandated to protect. Its public knowledge that Police Officers used service vehicles to transmit drugs and other illegal things for criminals.  Politicians were in on it too as they used these criminal elements to set up Garrisons and “never never lands” so as to hold on to power. Some might even dare say the Judiciary was also invaded by corruption. While other instances abound with evidence, the judiciary isn’t so clear cut, so I won’t make the affirmative charge against our judges. One can only muse about such matters.

While the poor governance of the country continued apace, there arose opportunities brought on by desperation and hopelessness for persons to engage in criminality. And since then it has flourished. People who wanted to become doctors and lawyers suddenly realized that there was no way they could accomplish anything legally. Why study for years if when you leave college there aren’t any jobs available and you have a mountain of debt to pay off?

For many shooting and robbing people was far easier and more profitable. Hopelessness became the order of the day. Anger began to rise as these young people who had studied hard and needed work.  

With all that repressed anger they started seeing the world in terms of me against them. They have what I want but cannot legally obtain so I will take it by force if necessary. This attitude led to many young, vibrant bright Jamaicans becoming criminals.  The old adage that says “you sow to the wind and reap the whirlwind” is very apt to describe our present situation. This Nation has allowed its young, bright and vibrant minds to be taken over by hopelessness and confusion and now we all are witnessing the consequences of that sad fact.

The PNP is by far Jamaica’s most pressing and intractable problem because they have contributed the most to our current problems. To really get a hold on the crime monster they have to be removed from office. While poor parenting and other factors have contributed to this problem, the poor stewardship of this country is the root cause of crime. Bad parenting has an economic dimension to it, as many young girls are not yet mature enough to take on the responsibility of motherhood. A baby can’t teach a baby proper morals.  If we get the economy right we can see a reduction in a lot of the social ills plaguing us today. It’s not rocket science.

What a vibrant economy does is to give people hope.To illustrate that point let me use a Christian versus a sinner. A Christian from what I’ve seen can more often go through a horrific ordeal and not go crazy, while a sinner can’t. This is simply due to the Christian having hope in God that tomorrow will be a better day and something will change. That is what happens when people can believe that tomorrow will be a better day, that they have the chance to have a job.


Restore hope to people in this country and watch crime rates fall! 

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Christine Hyacinth Hinds

It is not PNP or JLP. It is the state of the economy that puts the mind set of the people in a state of desperation. Without a vision the people perish.

Leevan Donegan
8 years ago

I feel dumber after reading this article. Alot of opinions but no facts. No statistics to support any assertion in the article. Coruption only got rampant in the 90s really? As a youngster i remember Coruption in the aftermath of Gilbert and a JLP minister went to jail for acts he committed in the 80s. If you are going to make such a statement at least put numbers to support your argument.

David Walcott
8 years ago

I did not know, that is the PNP committing crime in Jamaica,!! I always, enjoyed reading your articles, however, I think you have gone over board, on this one, Kmt!!

Shirley Hamilton
8 years ago

Really dumb …cant get any dumber than this!

Rika Brooks
8 years ago

well said

Mario Simpson
8 years ago

I only hope your were paid well and not just doing your patriotic duty,,,for what I have learnt from reading your post I see hate and confusion for one party ,, this anger and hate as miss guide your judgement forming opinions instead of facts ! both parties have contributed to building corruption, crime, criminal net working: cotes form hardy Llewellyn stating Tivoli mother of all garrison also the right Hon George Philip Edward Sega saying he does not member borrowing any money (millions )was it not our dare loving brother St Bruce who claims both party used hired tugs,,… Read more »

Maragh Anthony Truejamaican


Andrea Surajbally
8 years ago

I am in full support with this article! Only the educated and the non blind will see the truth in this article! And the truth shall hurt those who are involved with criminality and are brainwashed by the PNP party!!!!!! The PNP party is inept to handle crime and poverty because they are the ones contributing to the rise! keep the masses uneducated and poor and they will jump to your bidding and sell their votes! smh!

Ratio Chyn
8 years ago

I stand in defence the content of this article however paradox it may seems..

Sandra Peters
8 years ago

Look around the world in the black countries they are no different from what is going on in Jamaica. We got to stop blaming others and take some responsibility for ourselves. Look in our community there are alot of sade cases no good parenting, no good neighbors ,no good community leaders, no good police officers, no good politicians. We have lost who we are and the role we should play. Look around please and take soon of the blame and the next time you see your brothers and sisters take a good look at them and may God help us… Read more »

Danny Mattison
8 years ago

Everything weh Fabian Lewis seh is the flippin truth. All unno inna denial.You guys always have to make sound as if it is as a party affiliated thing.PNP inna power for so many years and the economy is in shambles.Common sense can tell u seh politicians are only in it for big life style.Remember they’re not paying for anything it’s only you and me the tax payers who are paying for their lifestyle.

Rohan Salmon
8 years ago

The only way we will see changes in the crime and violence in Jamaica, Jamaicans will have to cry out to God ask for forgiveness and accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior and Lord of their lives then the change will come, but if we as a nation continue to look to mere men to solve this issue it will not work, it will never work. Only Jesus Christ alone can solve the problem and we have to look to him, because it is a spiritual battle and satan and his demons want to take control and throw us… Read more »

Clive Bowden
8 years ago

And I’m sure if the PNP was to do like your party the JLP you’re the same one who would be out there bawling about ‘political victamization and police brutality’