Lisa Hanna Swimwear Photo Sparks Major Controversy

Minister of Youth and Culture – Lisa Hanna has sparked major controversy on various social media platforms after posting a picture of herself wearing swimwear on the beach.

The photo was taken by her son Alexander Panton after the Reggae Marathon in Westmoreland last week.

On one popular Facebook group – ‘Real Change for Jamaica – Discussion Forum’, the photo was posted with the question: Is this picture appropriate for a Minister of our government to post on her Public Page (LIKE PAGE) on Facebook?

Persons wasted no time to shared their opinions. Many offered compliments while others criticized her for posting the photo.


The post has already received well over 1000 replies.

See some of the comments below and share your views:

Lisa Hanna swimwear bikini picture
Minister Hanna on the beach in Westmoreland – Photo credit: Alexander Panton

Henry Mortimer Lindo

Being a public figure should not rob one of using public amenities.
Why are some ppl so stereotypical ?
I think it’s borne out of envy.

Patrick Gore

Many of you read what you want to read. That picture was not posted on her private facebook page.

It is posted on the page created as her Public Page (LIKE PAGE) on Facebook? On that page, government policies are discussed. Her portfolio Ministry, and other Cabinet members’ Ministries, are linked to that page.


What makes such a picture appropriate on a page where government policies are being discussed? With the views I read here, is it any wonder our country is in the state it is?

Nodene Dennis

Minister you’re stunningly beautiful. All the girls would like to b you and all the guys would love to be around you. You go girl…..power house

Edwin Walton

A little too revealing for a lady in her position, extremely beautiful no doubt but remember, she is the minister… and should be setting an example for the young ladies to look up to her.

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