87% of Jamaican families affected by Chik V according to Don Anderson poll

Almost nine out of ten Jamaican families have felt the effects of the Chikungunya virus according to the latest RJR/TVJ Commissioned Don Anderson Poll.

Based on the results of  the Don Anderson poll – 87 percent of Jamaican families claimed members of  their household have been affected by the virus.

12 percent said no household member was affected, while only 1 percent was not sure.Of  those who said their family was affected by the virus,the pollster sought to find out the number of  family members affected.

Almost two out of  ten Jamaican families said six or more members were affected by Chik V.


Twelve percent said five persons were affected….14 percent reported that four family members contracted the virus…..19 percent said three people were affected…..21 percent said just two family members had Chik v… while 15 percent said one family member was impacted.

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There have been questions as to the extent Chikungunya virus affected families…..and in the Don Anderson poll….the majority of families surveyed said they were severely affected by the virus….38 percent.

Twenty six percent said mildly and 36 percent said Chik v affected them both mildly and severely.

 And although the Health Ministry said the Chikungunya virus is spread by the bite of  an infected Aedes aegypti mosquito it is clear from the Don Anderson poll that many Jamaicans are still not buying that argument.

Forty nine percent of  Jamaicans believe Chik-v has nothing to do with mosquitos; 23 percent said it is caused by mosquitos and other things, while 16 percent believe it is caused entirely by mosquitos. Twelve percent of  Jamaicans are not sure what is the cause.

Source: RJR News

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