Jamaican entertainer Luciano heads to Africa despite rising fears of Ebola (Updated)

Jamaican reggae singer Luciano departed the island on Saturday to perform in Malawi and South Africa despite growing fears of Ebola.

According to Loop Jamaica, the entertainer left the island to do shows in both countries despite rising fears in Jamaica that the Ebola virus which is ravishing the western areas of the African continent could reach local shores.

Those fears have been heightened since an article emerged last week that Malawi’s porous borders could put that country at risk. On August 28th, the Nyasa Times reported that two refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo ran away from health officials who had isolated them to be scanned to confirm if they had the deadly Ebola virus before they could enter the country.

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The refugees had been exhibiting the tell-tale symptoms of the disease which mimic those of malaria, including a fever.


Jamaican entertainment manager and tour organiser Copeland Forbes told Loop News that Luciano left the island on Saturday.

“I spoke to his manager Sonia over the weekend and she told me had left on Saturday. I was surprised because I thought that he was not going to go again because he was supposed to leave at the end of September. When I spoke to her, I asked if he still wanted to chance it, and she said yes, and I said, well, if that is the case, I wish him all the best then,” Forbes said.

Should persons begin canceling trips to Africa now? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Loop Jamaica



The Jamaican Blogs™ has received word from a booking agent for Luciano that all scheduled performance dates in Africa have been canceled. The artiste is now in the island.



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Download The Jamaican Blogs™ App for your Android device: HERE

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