Cannot find a Job? Try putting your skills to use online!

The greatest challenge facing Jamaicans other than crime is possibly Job creation.

Internet gurus have emphasized the need to find jobs online and using the internet to start a business. In recent years, many persons have put their skills to use and started online businesses. Starting a web-based business is easier than a physical start up. You simply have to develop your own unique idea and get working in on it.

Starting your own business does not exempt you from hard work and anyone who has done it will tell you that it is nothing but hardwork. If you are looking for a quick fix- then an online business might not be the one for you. Yes many have failed because they do not have the patience or commitment but in the failures of others, you might find your grand opportunity. Do what they failed to do and go where they never ventured. Your gold might be an inch away, keep digging.

Others who have gone the route of entrepreneurship often set up a physical business hoping to make enough money by outdoing the competition. Some have failed because the market is small and too many small business owners try to milk profits from a small geographical area. Entrepreneurial pursuits will create jobs and aid in stimulating the economy.

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People want to make money but very few want to work. Entrepreneurs work the hardest and anything that is worth getting never comes easy. Some people murmur about the fees that internet gurus charge. You do not have to pay the fee. You can Google and learn. There is nothing that they teach you in these lesson plans that you cannot learn on your own online. Here are some sure fire ways that young people who spend so much time on Facebook can use to earn money on the internet.

1. Creating and advertising content for other webmasters through Freelancing. You can make anywhere from $10USD per article to $500 USD by writing unique content for persons or companies.

2. Convert Files, Do Data Entry and Translations.

3. Flipping domains is a surefire way to make money online yet with some hiccups. Your best bet to make money is to buy established domains for pennies, develop them by adding traffic or changing the website appearance and selling them back for a profit. You ?

4. Become an online customer service representative and telemarketer for companies that outsource. Get paid $4 to $20 dollars USD PER hour. You must have a USB Headset, fast internet and quiet working environment.

5. Become a referral broker where you sell links, subscription lists, refer people to games, programmes, jobs and websites for a 10% commission.

6. Are you a graphic designer or good at writing software applications? Web designers, Logo designers and Artists can sell prints online or in real life to make money.


7. Are you a photographer, take photos and sell them online of just about anything. People are always searching for unique and great quality pictures for posters, book covers, album covers etc.

8. If you like shooting videos why not create a page on You-tube and publish your videos. You can monetize your page. Why do you think there are so many You-tube pages promoting new songs from Dance hall music? They are making money.

9. Many young artistes looking for a “buss” can fuel their own careers by using the internet. You can create a website, sell your music using aggregates on I TUNES. Use YouTube to promote your music and make some money in the process.

10. If you do not have a problem helping out others for an income then you could become a virtual assistant or social media marketing expert for small companies making the foray online. You can do things like: Answer tech questions, install applications. moderate forums and market logos for businesses.

Remember Making money on the internet involves work and commitment.

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