The Politricks – Do Politicians Care?

The politricks are at it again.

Polls are out boosting one political leader’s popularity over the other. Yet since the event of universal adult suffrage, except for free high school education nothing has benefitted the black masses of Jamaica.

Fact is the two political parties are part of the power platform depriving and preventing the masses from using their people power. As Dr. K’nife alluded in a question by Neville Bell of TVJ , the JLP and PNP have done nothing for the people.

Lets look at the issue of land. The NHT has failed miserably. Why are low income houses not built in the numerous lands running from Red Hills to St. Catherine?


Why bundle everybody and throw them on the hot sun-drenched plains of lower Southern St. Catherine?  

The balances and forces of social relations have to be maintained and here the government selected by the people has failed miserably as it joins the plutocracy and wealthy minorities in keeping the masses in their places.

a voice for the people to share their opinionsBy means of hegemony those who are not activists in the political hustings are active party salesmen and saleswomen by their chairmanship, management and staffing of the social, political nad educational , cultural institutions.

Examine every organization and institution in Jamaica and whichever party is in power you will find that the head’s mom or dad had a connection with the party.

In 1980 the JLP floodeed its  urban badman base with cocaine  and by 1981 the ganja trade especially the export trade  literally dried up.

By the summer of 81 marijuana was used as fertilizer for high mountain coffee . What emerged was a violent drug culture which destroyed the livelihood of the peasantry dependent on the green herb. 

To the JLP party it was not that the inflow of foreign exchange from ganja exports was not recognised. Political power taken with savagery by the guns of West Kingston ‘cocained’ enforcers would ensure a right wing government by December 1980.


This creation of a hard drug culture which mushroomed out of West Kingston led to drugs being associated with violence and labeling of the people’s grass in the same ranking as lab created drugs.

Such policy and political decisions as demonstrated by the 1980’s drug and politics connect is an example of the disdain and disrespect for our people by politicians.

Sadly there are so many of our people who are beneficiary to the system of politics so that concern for the masses will never be their call.

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Winston Donald

My name is Winston Donald. I am currently completing a MA in Cultural Studies researching Street Art ( from a cultural studies perspective) I am Recruiting Officer and Enrollment Officer for University College of the Caribbean, New Kingston. I contribute to the Commonwealth Short StoryCompetition Columnist for the defunct Sunday Herald Newspaper Author on Marijuana : Export trade and Rural economics (manuscript being completed) Author on Rural Jamaican Cooking Creator of The Diaspora - Word Press blog Contributor to Sun Sentinel newspaper of South Florida Regular/Frequent contributor to the Gleaner and Observer newspaper

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