A Dream Come True: Jamaican follows in footsteps of his late mother

Every ambitious person has dreams and aspirations.

It is always a very rewarding feeling when one perseveres to see his or her greatest dreams realized.

The Jamaican Blogs™ takes pride in highlighting the achievements of hard working Jamaicans.

According to a report by Loop Jamaica, Freshly graduated from Howard University, one Jamaican Marlon Foote, is gearing up to start his residency in Advanced Education in General Dentistry at the Jesse Trice Dental Health Centre in Miami.


The 24-year-old Cornwall College old boy has completed his acquired Doctor of Dental Surgeon Degree (DDS), living one of his childhood dreams.

But what makes the degree all the more special is that it’s the same degree his late mother, Dr Marlene Foote, obtained.

24 -year-old Marlon Foote - Image Source: Loop Jamaica
24 -year-old Marlon Foote – Image Source: Loop Jamaica

“I chose Howard because when I saw my mother’s degree on the wall in her office, I said to myself that one day it will be my name on that degree,” he said.

He remembers his mother as patient, compassionate and meticulous.

Other than admiring his mother’s work as a child the Howard grad said he was also drawn to the field because of the quality of life that dentistry had to offer.

“I liked that I could improve someone’s smile and relieve dental pain.I also realised Jamaica needed more oral health education because I believe that most of the dental issues that we have in Jamaica are preventable.”

It has not been an easy journey for the young man thus far. He recalls having an intense workload. He said:

“You have to be motivated and have a zealous work ethic. Every day there is a new challenge.”

Marlon also advises young people who dream of becoming a dentist to never give up.


“Shadow a dentist for a week. See what goes on in the day to day life of a dentist,” said Foote. “ It’s a rewarding profession if you choose to do it.”

Source: Loop Jamaica

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Download The Jamaican Blogs™ App for your Android device: HERE


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