Jamaica – On a mission

Jamaica is on a mission,

But where is it going? That’s my critical question.

Can I take a look, at the manual, Jamaica’s navigation book?

Let me take that book, spinning through the past


Let me see the riches we had, that the destroyer took.

Jamaica – on a mission,

uphill, downhill or ‘clownville’, what’s our next decision?

Brain storm, pop quiz, leaders tell me what it is.

Repent, ye backsliding dollar bill! Taxes punching me – headache starts,

Excuse me let me take a pill.


poemsJamaica – on a mission,


Sista P what is that mission? It’s swirling.

“Can’t talk to you Daron, right now I’m working, working, working”.

Working hands without paying,

Barking guns, they’re still scaring. 

Where are the JOBS?

Should I look inside the JEEP?

I’ve been looking but with my unemployed eyes cannot SEE.

Tell me about the IMF deal.

Is it working for us, I mean for real?



Jamaica – on a mission

Government found guilty, now what’s their appeal?

Out countrymen ceaselessly crying Jesus take this wheel!

Like an obstinate child put inflation on time out.

Like a disease, let employment breakout.

Students leaving home for university,

graduate then come back home, it’s a pity.

Jamaica – on a mission

Beautiful trees and white sandy beaches,

Black skin, brown face and she that bleaches.



Jamaica – on a mission

Junior and senior school challenge quiz is happening,

Our intelligent students tackling questions, they’re still sparkling.

Our toddlers are bodacious and brave, don’t you see?

Jamaica have them spelling to the ‘Buzzing Bee’,

Yellow buses taking them from Spanish Town to Half Way Tree.
Jamaica – on a mission

Not sure of its direction, but we ask God to lead us with His mighty hand,

To prosper Jamaica our small, but champion island.

This is Jamaica’s, Jamaica’s ultimate vision.

-Daron Chosen Smith


Download The Jamaican Blogs™ App for your Android device: HERE

Download The Jamaican Blogs™ App for your Android device: HERE

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