Man receives 30 day sentence for stealing mangoes!

Theft is theft regardless of how insignificant the item(s) stolen might appear.

One Resident Magistrate made her disgust of the practice of stealing very clear by sentencing a man to 30 days in jail for stealing mangoes.

According a report from the Observer:

Unuh must stop it! A tired a it,

Senior Resident Magistrate Judith Pusey told 43-year-old Rohan Smith of Nelson Road in Kingston after sentencing him in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court.


Rohan Smith 30 days in Prison for stealing mangoesSmith, who had pleaded guilty to praedial larceny, tried to worm his way out of the sentence after the magistrate told him that she was going to send him to prison for his actions.

“I didn’t go ova him yard,”

Smith said, explaining that he had picked the mangoes from outside the premises.

“It nuh mek nuh difference. Yuh still thief di mangoes. Yuh think that is a defence?” Pusey asked.

Added Pusey, ” A man has to pay taxes for his property and should be able to enjoy what is planted on his premises.”

Nelson was arrested on February 16 after the complainant saw him picking the mangoes at premises on Donhead Road, Kingston 6, and alerted a security guard who in turn notified a police officer.

The four mangoes had a value of $800.

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