Minority Enlarged Into The Majority

Whenever I speak about the majority being the root cause for all the current lawlessness and immorality that are taking place in Jamaica and across the globe, persons across the educational spectrum say that I am ludicrous in making such a statement.

They base their argument around the fact that the persons who are actually committing the hardcore crimes and lawlessness are those in the minority of society; but my argument has always been that the minority committing those hardcore crimes and lawlessness could not flourish if the majority were not turning a blind eye to crime, corruption, immorality, and lawlessness. This big white elephant called ‘Turning a Blind Eye’, is the culture of the majority sitting in every room where discussions about the solution to the ills of society are taking place, which the majority is not interested to have removed from that room.

A few hundred years ago, the minority was the root cause for the birth of the initial phases of lawlessness and immorality. This minority group consists of persons who are in the upper echelon of society, and who knew that their sordid ways could not flourish for too long if they did not come up with ways of coaxing, luring, and forcing the majority into acceptance. Hence, they started experimenting with various methods of control such as Physical Slavery, which was modified, perfected, and now presented to the world in the form of Mental Slavery.

This form of Neo-Slavery was so needed by the minority at that time, because the majority’s eyes were finally open to the Physical Slavery and the rebellion had begun. Mental Slavery, on the other hand, was much easier and more effective for them to implement under various disguises such as Religion, Democracy, Manipulative Education, and the ‘Greed for Wealth and Prosperity’ by all means necessary. The minority group back then knew that training one’s mind to accept and practice certain things that were surreptitiously taught to them would be one of the hardest things for persons to free themselves from, because that practice or acceptance would become the culture of those persons. The tool used to keep any potential defiant person in adherence to their system of Mental Slavery, is the constant reminder that he/she will lose those sugar-coated benefits if he/she tries to deviate from the system.

lawlessness and immorality most people turn a blind eyeFast forward to the present era, we now have a national and global society where the majority strongly believes that nothing is wrong with ‘Turning a Blind Eye’ to any and every form of lawlessness and immorality. They will do so as long as it is making them or their family and close associates reap some form of benefit in exchange for their silence and acceptance. This entrenched sordid culture is so evident in our society that you do not have to look or go too far to see this system and mentality in full swing. The excessive patriotism and loyalty of the majority to family, political party, friends, business associates, and the greed for money, is the driving force in enlarging the then corrupt and immoral minority into the now dominant majority.


That is why the masses in Jamaica and across the globe find comfort in protecting the criminal activities of their family members, friends, spouse, and business associates; and they are further motivated to continue doing so in order to ‘Eat a Food’ or ‘Survive’. Parents are now turning their backs on the sexual molestation of their own children based on the asinine reasoning that they got ‘an offer (mainly monetary) that they could not refuse’ from the perpetrator. One such case was published on page A5 of the Sunday Gleaner dated November 17, 2013, where a mother anonymously admitted to making an about-turn in reporting a couple who had molested her daughter; and her reason was that she got an offer from them that she just could not refuse. The constant accumulation of those disgusting and sordid practices by the majority, results in the minority now becoming the majority cause of all the ills of society!

I will not fall in line with that system in order to please anyone, not even my family or spouse! I no longer work with what the majority says!

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