Police Intervention Required at Kimberly Simpson Funeral

Kimberly Simpson pictures aliveAs if her gruesome and untimely death was not tragic enough, her memorial service was not the somber occasion that was expected. 

The young lady was brutally chopped to death on November 29 last year, allegedly at the hands of Rohan Thomas, the father of her two -year-old son.

According to a report from the Jamaica Observer –  a dispute between members of Simpson’s mother and her father’s side of family led to an uproar that also led to persons walking out of the thanksgiving service.

fight at Kimberly Simpson funeral JamaicaIt took several attempts for Constable Oral Williams of the Santa Cruz Police Station and church officials to restore some amount of calm for the service to continue.


A family member of Simpson’s father told OBSERVER ONLINE that the eulogy was interrupted because disregard was shown for her father as his name was not mentioned.

Continuing to show their disapproval of the situation, some relatives of Simpson’s father stayed on the outside of the church for the remainder of the service.

They also refused to go to the graveside at the family plot in Content District, where Simpson lived with her maternal grandmother.

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