Teenagers Among 4 Gruesome Murders in St. Elizabeth

What were once considered relatively ‘safe country areas’ in Jamaica are now being plagued with the most gruesome crimes. 

The killers apparently do not seem to care about the age of the victims as young ones are not being spared. According to  a report by the Observer:

Police in St Elizabeth are currently the murder of four young men including two 15-year-old school boys in two separate incidents late Wednesday.

The names of the adults have not yet been ascertained but the teens have been identified as Desrick Williams, a student of Balaclava High School, and Ashnell Coke of Maggotty High School.


According to the police, in one incident two men originating in the Lacovia area were driving a minibus in the Elderslie area of northern St Elizabeth shortly after 9:00pm when their path was blocked by a log placed across the road.

Desrick Williams Ashnell Coke murdered teens Maggoty St ElizabethArmed men on the side of the road then fired on the stalled bus and set it alight. Both men aboard the minibus, said to be the driver and conductor, died.

In the second incident, the two teenagers left home at Thornton at about 4:00 pm to trap shrimp in nearby streams.

When they failed to return home, their parents reported them missing at the Siloah Police Station. The bodies of the boys were found sometime after 1:00 am early Thursday morning with chop wounds to the head.

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Sharlene Nugent
9 years ago

We need to do something about the violence in Jamaica

Sharlene Nugent
7 years ago

We need to do something about the violence in Jamaica