New Bolt Family Images Stir up more Controversy !

Jamaica’s Usain Bolt was depicted as a woman just recently in a Virgin Media advertisement and there have been many heated discussions since the release of that commercial. 

Many Jamaicans utilized their favourite Facebook groups and websites to voice their opinions. Some of the comments included:

“Why does every successful black man have to dress up in drag”

“This is pure crucification of the Black Male Image. They are trying to get the world ready for the slaughter of the black man and woman and they want even black people to agree that we should be destroyed. They are fighting to get back to the pre Million Man March days. High murder rates in black neighborhoods, high drug use and high unemployment and abortions.”


Many feel him being depicted as a female emasculates him though his head was actually superimposed on the body of a female in the video.

Though we can appreciate the humorous aspect of the video and images, many remain angry.

See one recent image below:

Family made up of Usain Bolt, Bolt mom, Bolt baby, Bolt oldman

Picture below from the METRO newspaper:

Usain Bolt picture on metro

As usual please feel free to voice your opinions in the comments.

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