Hydro-Power Plant to provide Major Boost to Jamaica’s Energy Supply next month!

Frequent power cuts and high energy bills are a major problem in Jamaica and also in many developing countries. Jamaica’s newest major power facility which is nearing completion should help to alleviate some of these issues.

The JPS invested over  US$36M to the building of this new plant – the largest single investment in the hydro power sector, since the nation’s independence in 1962.

According to the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS), this new Hydroelectric power development in Maggotty, St. Elizabeth, will be supplying more renewable energy to the national grid than previously planned.

Hydropower Maggotty St Elizabeth Jamaica MW elecctricity boost cheaper energyIn a press release issued yesterday the JPS explained that the full capacity of the power plant was originally proposed to be 6.3MW, but final designs of the project allow for a whopping maximum capacity of 7.2MW of electricity.


According to the JPS, this will be achievable during periods of high stream flows. The JPS added that the project  saw the first of two units being successfully tested on January 14.

Testing continues on this unit, after which the second unit will undergo its full range of commissioning tests. The Maggotty Hydroelectric power plant is expected to start supplying energy to the national grid by February.

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