And so it came to pass dat in di fuss month of di year of our Lord 2014, dat di FLYING QUEEN and har cabinet of ROBBERS and LIADS, decide fi tax di WEAVE weh di women of di bang belly nation was putting in dem head.

And dere was weeping an wailing and nuff nashing of both teeth and gum in di nation, cause nuff a di woman dem seh dat while dem could do widout food, and could afford not to send dem pickney to school, dat di weave was a ting dat dem could NOT do widout, and dat if it was not fi di WEAVE, man no see some a dem, and it was rada wicked of di flying QUEEN fi tax it.

And all manna of bawling gwan, and nuff a di woman dem weh did vote fi di FLYING QUEEN PARTY, meck she know seh as sure as di sun shine, she NOT getting dem vote next time, cause she was damn wicked fi tax such a ting as weave.

tax on weave in Jamaica long time weave fi taxAnd nuff a di woman dem look inna di mirror pon dem head, and di bawling was heard fram dem yard all di way to di vatican, cause nuff a dem seh dat what dem have pon dem head, was next to velcro, and dat if dem man was to fling dem up in di air, dem head would stick to dem ceiling.

And nuff a dem seh now dat di weave get tax, dem cannot wake up side a no man, cause dem face was not looking manageable, and nuff a dem no stop cuss all kinda cloth, cause some a dem claim dat widout di weave di man weh dem have or borrow was sure to leff dem.

Many of di woman dem decided to hold a protest call MECK WEAVE BE FREE, in front a di FLYING QUEEN Yard, cause as sure as JESUS WEPT it nah go go suh a backside.

So at dis point dem start look a FREE LAWYER inna di bang belly nation fi help dem out, cause it was written in CONSTITUTION dat EVERY WOMAN INNA DI BANG BELLY NATION MUSS WEAR FALSE HAIR PON DEM HEAD,AND AS SUCH NO TAX NO SUPPOSE FI GO PON IT.

Many also offered prayers to JAH, fi touch di heart of di FLYING QUEEN, cause ongle smady of a WICKED HEART could TAX such a NEEDED COMMODITY.

And so it came to pass dat dat was a noda day in di bang belly nation, where WEAVE come before FOOD and SCHOOL. Where PEOPLE no know dem self, and where di SLAVERY MENTALITY teck front row above every ting else.

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this is lamest joke ive ever read BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO