Two Way Mirror

There is something terribly strange in a two way mirror.

That eye, that nose, that mouth I never recognize.

There is something strange in a two way mirror.

To stare at the image of one’s self, to see the regrets…no….not regrets.


Yes exactly that!

There is something strange in my two way mirror!

The black shinning wall of Life tosses my image into your folded arms.

Like a reflex I reach out, but I am too weak to save me.

Life screams through thickening silence, that we must accept or reject the illusion, I have become.

There is something strange in their two way mirror.

types of mirrors a poem about mirrorsWhy can’t I see them….shatter my image, so I may find the strength to face the world?


The people who I fail to see, they say nothing and with balled fists I raise both arms to the mirror.

Not to shatter the glass instead to surrender and give into what you see.

There is something strange in my two way mirror.
I wait for it, the voice to come, from the ghosts behind the glass, but it never does.

Are you doing well? Have you lost your way?

They never say nor break through my obstacles, so I realize they care.

There is something strange in your two way mirror!

Standing on my own two feet, I allow the spectators to desert me and I welcome the emptiness.

Do you not see me here?

And for now I must be the victim… perfectly human…I must hold on to my image.


Catch me! Quickly! 

Before I slip away! Before I slip away and you cannot save me anymore!

But you cannot save someone who doesn’t want to be saved,

Or can you?

But you’ll never try hard enough and you are too afraid to force me to listen.

You are too busy to rescue me from you, the world and more importantly myself.

There is something strange in our two way mirror and we are lost.

I can never see your face, I only see mine.

I only see what you have wrecked and what I can never compile into familiar pieces.

Some recognition of myself!


There is something strange in a two way mirror.

The face of regret- perhaps happiness and you, I no longer care to see.

But I must face you…I must see me and ignore the yearn, I feel to see your image.

So I won’t let you close enough to hurt me and now I must walk away.

Shhh! There is no need for goodbyes, no need for apologies not meant.

My image, your product lost forever and I retreat into myself…the only haven I have left.

There is something terribly strange in a two way mirror.

Next time I’ll be braver, I’ll be mindful that you will not save me.

Next time I’ll remember that you do not care.

I promise, I will never forget.


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