Tessanne Chin delivers again with “I Have Nothing” The Voice Final Dec 16

Tessanne Chin did not fail to deliver with her final performance  on the popular singing competition The Voice.  She was tasked with singing the iconic song by Whitney Houston –  “I Have Nothing.”

Tessanne had big shoes to fill but manged to give an admirable performance once again.

I dont have thoughts right now,” Adam Levine said following her performance. “Everybody knows this is sacred ground. Everybody stays away from Whitney Houston because it is so hard… It is unlike anything I’ve ever heard… I have no doubt in my mind that you are the winner of this show.

Tessanne Chin I have nothing Whitney Houston

Tessanne Chin seemed very eager to perform during rehearsals when Adam told her she should sing Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing.”


Of course I can’t sing like Whitney Houston, but I consider this as a tribute to her,” Tessanne Chin said.

 (See her wonderful performance below:)

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