The Voice Finale Underway! – (Live Updates)

The two part finale of  NBC’s Season 5 of  The Voice is now underway. Jamaicans across the globe are now anxiously expecting Tessanne Chin to emerge the winner.

The three remaining contestants now have just one chance to prove why the deserve the title of “The Voice” along with  recording contract and a $100,000 cash prize.

Tessanne Chin was the first to perform by singing the song she sang in the  blind auditions of  the competition “Try“.

All contestants will sing their blind audition songs first followed by duet performances with the coaches and finally a song of their choosing.


Jacquie Lee gave a solid performance  with her blind audition song ” Back to Black” – Christina Aguillera’s praises for her seemed never ending after her performance.

****2nd performances will begin after commercial break

**** Adam Levin and Tessanne Chin are about to do a duet performance of the wonderful song “Let it be

**** The duet performance BEGINS!

***** The duet surprises everyone by adding a reggae twist to the song at about the mid point mark

****Their performance ends

*******Jacquie Lee and Christina Aguillera will do their duet performance soon 


****Their duet performance ends ********

*****Adam Levine and Will Champlin are about to do their duet performance

***** Their performance begins *******

*****Their performance ends*****

*****All three duet performances have ended!*******

The FINAL three are performing  “I’ll be there

****The wonderful performance by the trio has concluded*******


Tessanne Chin will be the first of the final three to sing – This will be her FINAL song of the competition!

******She will be singing “I have nothing” by Whitney Houston*******


*****Her performance BEGINS!*******

 ***** Another flawless performance by Tessanne Chin of Whitney Houston’s classic*******

**** Will Champlin will perform “Everything I do I do for you”*********

****Will finishes his rendition*******

****Jacquie Lee*** will perform soon  –

*****She begins singing Jennifer Hudson’s version of  “I’m telling you I’m not going”*****

****All performances have ended******


We are expecting a HUGE level of support for Tessanne by voters. Keep checking here for updates.

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