Jamaican man shocks mourners by jumping into coffin!

An extremely heart wrenching video depicting a grieving  Jamaican man jumping into a coffin at a funeral service  has now gone viral on various social media platforms. 

According to a report from The Star:

A man who was captured on tape openly grieving the loss of his loved one at a funeral has triggered sadness among viewers.

The doleful video begins with a brown casket being removed from a hearse by pall-bearers, while mourners looked on. Shortly after it was opened for the body to be viewed, a young man clad in black rushes to the casket.


The man, who is said to be the brother of the deceased, openly wailed and shocked fellow mourners when he proceeded to cling to the deceased.

When efforts were made to remove him, the distraught man continued to wail incoherently and further shocked onlookers when he jumped inside the casket on top of the body and attempted to close the door with himself inside. 

Unuh lift him off, and lock it off! Unuh lift him off!”, a woman in the background ordered. The video then ends abruptly with a group of onlookers attempting to remove the inconsolable man.

Though brief, what was captured in the video was enough to resonate on viewers, causing some to sympathise with the grief-stricken man, and offering him words of encouragement.

Mi feel it fi yuh breda, just hold strong. It not nice when yuh lose someone, but Jah know wat best,” a Facebook viewer commented.

Another expressed, “so sad, my heart broke for him, but let him cry, tears are a language only God understands.

While another viewer shared, “who feels it knows, I hope he finds the strength to carry on, so sad, I couldn’t hold the tears.”


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