Popular Poll Reveals 43% of Americans think Tessanne Chin will win The Voice

According to a poll released by E News, 43 per cent of Americans are convinced that Jamaica’s Tessanne Chin will outshine the four remaining contestants and earn the highly desired title of “The Voice” on NBC’s extremely popular show.

The results of the poll have been spreading rapidly on various social media platforms since it’s release. Many famous individuals have been sharing the results as well, along with their opinions.

Jamaica’s beautiful and ultra successful athlete Shelly Ann Fraser shared the image below on her Facebook page after the results of poll were made public:

Poll Tessanne Chin will win the voice, The Voice polls

The poll has seemingly served to bolster the desire to support the super talented Jamaican vocalist. Some online responses to the poll include:


*”Tessanne of course, not because she’s from Jamaica but she has the most powerful and unique voice!!!!!!!!!!you go Tessanne bring it home. we love you”.

*” bap bap bap bap bap”

*”Any how Tess doesn’t win ah cheat them woulda cheat her out of it fi real..”

The Voice, airs on NBC each Monday at 8pm. The contestants remaining are:

 Jacquie Lee, Cole Vosbury, James Wolpert, Will Champlin and the Jamaican great, Tessanne Chin. 

What do you think of her chances of winning? Please share in the comments.

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