Jamaican Proverbs


No where and no residence are unique Jamaican proverbs so pronounced or articulated as in the Dry Harbour Mountains of St. Ann. Reasons the strong protestant ethic and individualism existing in these parts of Jamaica. Here are a few from my great grandmother of beloved memory, Louisa Rodney:

1. Follow Juanica , you sleep a ashes.

Interpretation/meaning: If you follow the wrong crowd or friends , you will suffer the consequences when they lead you astray. (incidentally, Juanica is a name of Latin American origin. Remember people from St. Annn went to Costa Rica, Pannama, Ecuador and Cuba from the 1880’s to the 1940’s)

ad proposal2. Once in a blue moon.


Meaning: Occuring very rarely

3.If you can’t catch Quaco, you catch him shut.

Meaning : if you cannot catch someone, or if someone is evasive, then you go after the next of kin/relative/sibling.

4. You put him down six foot six.

Meaning: You bury the person in the grave.

5. When chicken merry, hawk de near.

When there is too much excitement or optimism, danger lurks near.


6. Ugly like sin.

Extremely ugly.

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