Man’s severed hand reattached to ankle to keep it alive for a month!

Xiao Wei unfortunately lost his right hand in an accident while at work. 

His colleagues recovered the severed limb and he was rushed to his local hospital in Changde Xiao, China.

Skillful Chinese doctors managed to  save the man’s severed hand by attaching it to his ankle for an entire  month.

According to reports, Xiao Wei lost his right hand in an accident at work but could not have it reattached to his arm straight away.


Surgeons had to instead keep it alive by grafting his hand to Mr. Wei’s ankle and directed blood supply from his arteries to his leg.

man's hand attached to ankle China

The surgeons were able to remove the hand from Mr. Wei’s ankle and replant it back on his arm.

Doctors in the Changsha region stated that Mr. Wei will need to undergo several more operations but are confident he will be able to regain the full use of his hand.

severed limb can be reattached to body

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