Police releases image of 5 wanted!

The police have released the pictures of four males and a woman they are currently trying to apprehend.

The Constabulary Communication Network has not revealed the reason(s) why the police are trying to find these individuals however the photographs of the woman and two of the four men being sought show them holding with what appear to be high-powered weapons.

The woman is known to go by the name ‘Trish’ and according to police say she is believed to be from the parish of St Elizabeth.

woman with m16, women holding gunsThe police are still unsure of the name of one of the males, but he is believed to be a student of a high school in Spanish Town, St Catherine.


The names of the other males are as follows: Richard Henry, otherwise called ‘Papa’; Sheldon Edwards, and a man only known by his alias ‘Thick Skin’. (Picture courtesy of The Gleaner)

Anyone with information on the location of any of these persons is asked to contact police detectives at 948-1329, Crime Stop at 311 or 811 or 119.

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