Many Jamaicans Living in Trinidad illegally

Close to 17000 Jamaican nationals are reportedly staying illegally in Trinidad and Tobago as their entry certificates have expired. This was disclosed by Trinidad’s national security minister Gary Griffith.

Documents sent to the news day newspaper in Trinidad from the office of the chief immigration officer, Keith Sampson revealed that for this year as of November 21, 16,958 Jamaicans are staying illegally in that country.

That country’s national security minister told news day last night, that if these undocumented and unregistered Jamaicans are working to maintain themselves this Trinidad vs Jamaicameans they are depriving the state of an estimated 700 million dollars in taxes annually.

According to information from the ministry of national security, 81 Jamaicans remain in at the immigration detention centre. News day says this revelation comes amid reports of growing anger and threats of boycotting Trinidad and Tobago goods in Jamaica, after 12 Jamaican nationals were last week barred from entering the country.


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