Students using Plastic bags instead of Condoms

Plastic bags are now becoming a popular replacement for condoms in many high schools in Jamaica.

Students opt to use plastic bags instead of condoms because they are less expensive and more convenient.

plastic bag as condomIn one of the Kingston-based high schools where students have admitted to the practice,  assistance has been sought from the Ministry of Health, and the institution is seeking the participation from other support groups to encourage pupils to focus on their academics.

A source who worked closely with one such school said pupils are caught on a regular basis having sex on the compound.


“It’s a phenomenon, the school is trying to assist with the problem by asking motivational speakers to go in and talk to the students. Some of the students are having unprotected sex, and I hear that sometimes when the females refuse to have sex with a particular male student, that female student is sometimes raped by boys,” the source said. “I heard that some students use bread bags, bag juice bags, even those bags that cheese come in. Education is not a priority for some of these students.”

During an interview last May, director of guidance counselling at St George’s College, Maureen Wong, said that some students there have confessed to using plastic bags as condoms.

“They use what they call ghetto condoms when they can’t afford to buy one. I have interviewed several boys who have used this ghetto condom; where a clear plastic bag is used during sex,” Wong said.

Dr Lori-Ann Henry-Johnson, a medical officer who works in St Catherine, said there could be allergic reactions. “A plastic bag is not a tested or an approved barrier method, a condom is. It is better than not using anything at all, but I cannot say it’s acceptable. With a plastic bag, there could be a breakage, which could lead to pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases or even AIDS,” she revealed.

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