Many Retired Cops Concerned about non payments

The national security ministry is appealing to policemen who took early retirement to be patient as it tries to settle the payment of the early retirement incentive.

Concerns have been raised by cops who have gone on early retirement  about the non-payment of the incentive.

Jamaican police, police in JamaicaIn a statement this morning, the national security ministry said it is aware of the growing concerns surrounding the non-payment of the early retirement incentive owing to cops.

According to the security ministry, it is estimated that a total $500-M is needed to pay those personnel. However, it says the ministry of finance and planning has allocated only $100-M for these pension payments for this financial year.


The ministry adds that it has appealed for an increase in the allocation of funds but has to be mindful of the tight fiscal space in which the country is operating.

In the meantime, the Jamaica Constabulary Force says payments will be done on a first-come, first-serve basis until the $100-M is exhausted.

The ministry is appealing to cops who took early retirement to be patient until the matter can be settled and keep in touch with the JCF human resource branch.

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