Her Fan

I’m dying inside,

Swallowing my pride,

My whisper’s now a shout,

Letting it all out,


Where is she,

best poem in the worldThe one I used to see,

That smiles in this picture,

Was thrilled when I kissed her,

I miss her, my reflection,

Faced with her rejection,

I now pull away soft like clay,


Play hard, but not today,

Where is the attention?

Has she lost the attraction?

A phase, a stage, the rage,

Perhaps it’s due to age,

Pages have been written,

Hearts have been smitten,

I cry inside in the dark,

I take walks alone in the park,


Sharks come and devour me,

I am no longer her one and only,

Time to move on like a big man,

But man why am I still her fan?

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