Rampant Theft of Telephone Cables from Light Posts

Telecommunications company LIME has called for the government to assist the company in its efforts to thwart incidents of copper cable theft.

The calls comes after copper wire in Priory, St Ann was stolen for the third time in just over a month.  In a release this afternoon lime says for the third time in a 6-week period thieves have stolen a section of copper cable serving customers in priory and Seville Heights in St. Ann.

copper wire theft, lime jamaicaThis has caused fixed line and internet access to 538 customers to be cut off. LIME says thieves struck again on Tuesday night and removed the section of cable that was replaced only 4 weeks ago at a cost of almost two million dollars.

This latest incident brings to 7 the number of times that particular section of cable along the priory main road has been stolen over the past 3 years. Corporate communications manager, Elan Parkinson says the telecom’s company wants government to swiftly implement more stringent measures that will permanently discourage the practice.


Mr Parkinson says this latest incident defies limes best efforts to secure the cables in the expectation that customers in that area will no longer be affected by repeated incidents of theft.  He says not only have there been several cases of theft of copper cables, but also fuel and dry cell batteries from its cell sites.

Five persons have been brought before the courts over the past two months in connection with those incidents.  Three have been convicted and handed sentences ranging from a suspended prison term to 6 months hard labour.

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