Marley ranks fifth wealthiest in celebrities no longer with us

Bob Marley has been ranked at number five on the Forbes 2013 list of wealthiest dead celebrities.

He made his way into the top five with earnings of a respectable $18 million.

While alive, he was mostly praised for his musical exploits, but in his death, his name along with the brand of the iconic reggae singer grew to stratospheric levels fueling in part the formation of a massive capitalist enterprise.

bob marley money, forbes wealthiest dead celebrities, richest dead people, richest Jamaican peopleFrom Bob Marley coffee and messenger bags to Bob Marley shoes, the world renowned reggae star wasn’t known for his business savvy tendencies, but in death, his brand has been extending its reach.


Recent ventures include the Marley Beverage Company (home to the ‘relaxation drink’ known as Marley’s Mellow Mood) and House of Marley (producer of eco-friendly audio and lifestyle products). Marley has sold more than 75 million albums in the past two decades.

Michael Jackson, was number one on the list, earning over $125 million between June 2012 and June 2013.

Bob Marley had missed the Forbes list in early 2009. However, Marley, who died from cancer in 1981, was a fixture on the list from 2001 to 2008. He reached as high as sixth in 2001 with earnings of US$10 million.

Bob Marley received recognition this year at the prestigious Grammy Awards ceremony held in the United States. A scene in the 2007 blockbuster film I Am Legend was also dedicated to the late reggae icon. It was narrated by award-winning actor Will Smith.

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