Newspaper story results in arrest of man for ganja possession

A Westmoreland man who  was featured on the front page of a popular daily newspaper, smoking a chillum pipe, has been arrested.

Police say, the man who goes by the name, Ras Puddler, is in custody, and will be charged, for breaches of the dangerous drugs act.

The charges will be brought against the man following an operation, at his home in Little London, in Westmoreland.

Ras Puddler, arrested for ganjaA statement from the CCN explains that about midday (October 23), police carried-out the operation, and allegedly found him in possession of a chillum pipe, three pounds of ganja, and several ganja seedlings.


The police say he will be charged for breaches of the Dangerous Drug Act.

Meanwhile, the police are reminding Jamaicans that possession and usage of ganja remain a criminal act in Jamaica and they will prosecute whenever there is a breach.

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