Conversation with God

Me to GOD

Lord you knew I wasn’t perfect,
In fact a bit of a reject,

Was never amongst the in crew,
So why did I appeal to you,

Why did you entrust me,


With such huge responsibilities,

My abilities may have been good,
But you had to have known I would,

I would fall short of your expectations,
Too weak for temptations, illicit solicitations,

poemsYet you left me like I was strong,
Not saying you were wrong,

I am sure you knew what you were doing,
But I need you now while the storm’s brewing,

As the tears well up in my eyes,
I keep filling my mind with lies,

Tries to make me see me a certain way,
But darkness seems here to stay,


So much to discuss with anyone but you,
Crushed I touch, and reach out to one true,

And that’s you Lord, even while it’s hard,
I recall my birth in a stone filled yard,

You rescued me then, even when,
I had no clue what would happen,

And again close to ten, allowed me to excel,
Only with your help, my business did well,

Even beyond that with planted seeds,
My kids, biological or not, now all exceed,

So I appreciate all that you done for me,
But is this how we end the run for me?


Never fear I am always there,
I care and I swear I will appear,

When you need me the most,
And not like a misguided ghost,


That child you helped way back,
That was me putting you on track,

I knew your limitations,
No unreal expectations,

These accusations may seem tough,
But they are merely just rough,

Nothing I can’t sooth out,
Relax and let me smooth out,

All the wrinkles in your life,
There is a need for some strife,

Obstacles are meant to humble you,
Otherwise you may crumble too,

Like many strong men before,
But you I especially adore,

Not sure if I need to explain,
But I have always felt your pain,

Seen tear stains as your eyes drain,
Trying to contain your silent migraine,

In my hand I molded you, a unique man,
Because for you I have a unique plan,


Don’t sway, be quick to turn away,
When enemies try to lead you astray,

They come as ditch diggers,
Sensitive, with hair triggers,

Plotting your ultimate destruction,
Going up against my ultimate construction,

But every hole they dug for you,
I allowed you to fly and not fall through,

Even those who come to clown,
And are trying to kick you while down,

Soon they will be somewhere hoping,
They were nice and had never spoken,

Choking back these tears of joy,
Because I love you my son, my boy.

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