Why Should I?

love poem

Why should I believe what you say?


You claim I should trust the words you spoke.

It was those same words that pulled me up when I was weak.

Those same words that tore me down when I was growing strong.



Why should I have believed when you said you loved me?


Blind to the pain you’ve caused, the tears you allowed to fall.

The patterned scars, now silver tint once mercilessly carved into flesh.

Patterned for the world to see these festering- scabbed wounds.


Why should I believe?


Why should I remain upon the pedestal you have placed me?

So you may remove it from below my feet so I may fall?


Fall into your arms and the wicked plans you’ve dealt for my soul.

Your spot light glaring into my identity, raw, naked- no barricade to hide.

Hidden are my flaws, rewarded are my perfections.

Masked are my afflictions, veiled beneath painted smiles draped upon my face.

Why should I have believed you when you claimed you loved me or that you once cared?

Then again… Why did I believe? 

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