Here today, gone tomorrow…

Here today, gone tomorrow…Living with no direction, smiling with no intention;

Here today, gone tomorrow…Weeping mind, cotton hearted , stolen dreams locked away, prison the hiding place.

Here today, gone tomorrow…All in a dream. never open never been free; here today gone tomorrow

Here today, gone tomorrow…Reflections of sorrow, breathing priceless horror, owning terror;


Here to today, gone tomorrow….Mirrors in the darkness, speaking from charcoal tongue;

Here today, gone tomorrow….Memoirs of the mad world, camouflage prints of disharmony;

Here today, gone tomorrow…Never meant to stay, home is far within;

Here today, gone tomorrow…Illusion of time, walls of nothingness laughter the sin;

Here today, gone tomorrow; blissful abortions, crocodile eye drops;

Here today, gone tomorrow…

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