The Life We Live

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A little rain falls and dried up stains of blood are washed away

Gunshot rings out and we turn up our music

Shouts of rape and we pretend not to hear it

Life goes on it’s just another idle child life gone


Politics is the order of the day again till we get a little wakeup call

What can you hear or see? When your car glass is tinted so darkly

People call out for justice but nothing is done another police man just fire his gun

Then you hear of vision 2030

Aint nothing wrong with a little hope

But who will be left here if every other day another child’s life is taken away?

How can you comfort a mother whose child was just killed by the police?


How can you comfort a class of students whose teacher was chopped to death on our streets?


What about the plan for today?

We can’t read lips, open up your mouth and let the people know what you’re about

A leader with no voice?

What good can that do for us?

Poverty is still with us, crime ever present, corruption never leaves us yet nothing is said or done

Comfortable our leaders sleep at night on pillows filled with their empty promises

The tears in the children eyes do nothing to their hearts

What hearts? Perhaps it has left them


A 14 year old is left to be the man of the house has his father has been missing for years

No education he has so he takes up the gun

The cycle continues the start of another don man


With no dreams for the future

Our children walk by

Sex is a word used more than love and happiness

Grown men watch the little girls from they start to walk

That little gift well wrapped up a treasure for the love of her heart

He invades her body and robs her of it

Then he rushes home to his wife and kids


When will a change come about for the country, we call the best?

With so many good things to show the world

Why not start with a little love in our hearts.

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