High school students protest Student Stabbing

Student bearing placards at the Robert Lightbourne High school near Seaforth in St. Thomas voiced outrage and concern in a protest today following the stabbing of a student yesterday.

The students protested within the school walls, demanding improved safety measures for themselves as well as the staff.

A student was stabbed reportedly by another who was on suspension.

The victim has been hospitalised and the alleged assailant is in police custody.


Principal of Robert Lightbourne High, Unicie Smart stated that the students were upset from yesterday after the stabbing incident.

She says today the student leaders began to protest and the administration allowed them to vent.

Ms Smart says one student said to her that it is frightening because the alleged assailant could have had a gun.

She says after break time ended at 12:25 p.m., the school got support from guidance counsellors from neighbouring schools, who conducted sessions with the students.

School was dismissed about 1:30 p.m., an hour and a half earlier than normal.

Ms Smart says she knows it is not easy to deal with a fellow student being attacked.

The principal adds that the students expressed that if the school’s perimeter fence was completed, then people would not be able to get on the school compound easily.


She says the school’s administration is hoping that things will be back to normal as of tomorrow.

When asked about efforts to address the students’ concerns, Ms Smart says she has made many appeals already.

The principal says the Safety and Security Unit in the education ministry called and acknowledged receipt of documents outlining what is needed.

Ms Smart says the school started a self-help project but ran out of funds.

She adds that the last estimate she received for the fence was $6 million.

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