Street Children

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They wipe your car glass
As you make your way to work
You drop a coin at their feet as if they have no worth
They ask you for help
You say you have no time
The same clothes they wear each and everyday
While you pack up tens and thousands of clothes to throw away

Neglected by their parents
Who are often children themselves
What a country we live in
We preach that the children are the future and each child must learn
Then why is it that they fight to survive and earn on their own
You splash the waters on them while you drive in your heavy trucks

Songs are written about them
It’s obvious they are seen
The leaders of our country say they care
But have we even given them a one meal
We sit around the tables in our parliament house
Make plans for our country, millions spent on celebrations
While another child is abused and killed

What has happened to the heart of our leaders?
I believe covered with pride and hunger for power
The eyes of the children are black
Death is near
All hope of a better life is covered in the black of their decaying toe nails


Wise up leaders and for once give the children something to believe in
Taste the innocence that leaves their eyes
50 years and you still pass them on the streets
Take off your shiny suits for once
And embrace their pain
Make them feel as if the work their fore fathers did wasn’t all in vain

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