Psychological Assessment Ordered for 7yr Would-be Poisoner

The Child Development Agency (CDA) has ordered a psychological assessment for the 7-year old St Mary boy accused of sprinkling  herbicide on some food items at the Ramble Primary School last week.

Reports are that last Friday the grade 2 student was caught by the school janitor leaving the staff room with a bottle of Gromoxone.

Following the incident, the child was placed in the custody of a guardian and the Child Development Agency was called on to intervene in the matter.  A statement from the CDA says a children’s officer visited the school and interviewed members of staff. The office also met with the boy and his family.

The CDA says the child has been referred to the child guidance clinic in the region for a psychological assessment to be done.  Following that assessment, further intervention will be carried out with the child and his family.


CDA officers are also in the process of carrying out a home assessment with a view to preparing a social inquiry report. Under section 63 of the Child Care and Protection Act, a child below the age of 12- years old who is accused of a criminal offence cannot be charged because twelve is the age of criminal responsibility.

However, in instances such as this where a child below 12 has committed an offence, a judge may rule that the child is in need of care and protection.

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