The ‘Saviour’ has come

It’s been on the lips for months and months now the ‘Saviour’ has come
Long meetings, budgets tabled and now the time has come
The government flashes bright smiles as they read out the judgment
The crime will stop? The unemployment will stop? The corruption will stop?


Then why should we return smiles because the ‘Saviour’ has come
The student loan still has no money
People can’t afford to provide for their families
But they tell us to be happy because the ‘Saviour’ has come
The government expects us to believe that better will come from the ‘Saviour’ come

Politicians seated with legs crossed in parliament waiting on the “Saviour’ to come
Now that the ‘Saviour has come will all our problems disappear?
The ‘Saviour’ has come but light bill is still high
Everything is still taxed
Salary remains the same


And we continue to wait for the ‘Saviour’ to work
The government has placed all its eggs in one basket
They bow down to the ‘Saviour’ their only source of help
Natural resources flowing through the streams beneath our enriched soils
Beautiful attractions, rich vegetation, talented individuals
Yet the government points fingers and tell us to wait, wait on the ‘Saviour’

Leaders are divided everyone has their own plan
Hoping and wishing that the “Savior’ comes with a magic wand
Take away the problems of the Jamaican lay men
So as the pen ink dries the leaders gather around the ‘Saviour’and shout Amen

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