To Be or Not To Be?

When is it time for you to stop fighting the fight?

When is it time for the games to end?

When is it time for you to wave the white flag and surrender?

As women, when we are in “relationships” with men that neither respect or take our feelings into consideration, if we are not strong, we get dragged along for a very bumpy ride.


There comes a time when we you need to forget the good times and see the situation for what it is…. a man that sees that he has total control over you and the relationship and uses that power to his advantage.

What you see as a man “messing up and trying SOOOO hard to fix the issues” is really a man toying with his mindless robot that he KNOWS how to turn on and off. He gives you just enough for you to fall for him and then he teases you with his time and affection.

Please endeavour to know the difference between a mere jumpoff and a girl that he is committed, loyal and devoted to.

Does he make time for you?

Is he there for you when you need him the most?

Do you constantly catch him in lies?

Is he affectionate one minute and cold the next?


Do you feel yourself slowly imploding most times when you have to deal with him?

There are so many questions that can be asked to identify whether or not the relationship that you are fighting so hard for is really worth it.

If you find yourself asking 2 or more of those questions, then MAYBE, you are in a relationship with a man who is in it not so much to maintain something good with you but rather in it for the game.

Most women have found themselves at some time or another, questioning the validity of their partner’s feelings. There is nothing wrong with you if you find out that he was in it for the game.

However, when you stay in the situation because you figure that he will come around one day, then THAT is when you should question your sanity!!!

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