Over 100 Million to be Issued to Tivoli residents for May 2010 Incident

Public Defender Earl Witter has said the bill for compensation to claimants in the May 2010 West Kingston security forces operation could be in excess of $110 million.

In his lengthy interim report, Mr Witter said these claims exclude claims for personal injury and detention.

The public defender said his office has 1, 295 documented complaints from 688 complainants.

Complaints include missing persons, battery and assault, detention, damage to property and looting.


Mr Witter says the $110 million provisional claim does not take into account claims yet to be made, regarding compensation for extra judicial killings, nor illegal killings of people by security forces.

He says a cadre of attorneys will soon begin assessment of such claims.

Another 216 persons have filed over 300 dormant complaints.

The public defender says investigations into these dormant complaints are incomplete due to lack of evidence.

Official records indicate that government paid over $92 million through the labour ministry and Social Development Commission, (SDC), as part of social intervention efforts and burial expenses aid.

Mr Witter’s report was tabled in the house yesterday after several delays.

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