Powerful Earthquakes Continue – 23 Injured in Japan

Another powerful earthquake has struck. The latest being a  6.3 magnitude quake that caused buildings to shake violently near the southwestern city of Kobe in Japan today.

According to reports seven persons are in serious condition after they attempted to flee from shaking buildings during the massive quake. Fortunately there are no reports of fatalities at this time.

The centre of the quake was located on Awaji Island, just south of Kobe and had a depth of 9 miles. Japanese media footage showed cracked walls and broken roof tiles caused by the quake.

Earthquakes are not a new phenomenon in the region as it the same  area where a magnitude 7.2 quake killed more than 6,400 people in 1995.


In March 2011, northeastern Japan was devastated by a mammoth quake and tsunami, killing nearly 19,000 people and triggering a nuclear disaster.

The Meteorological Agency has warned that aftershocks could potentially last for up to a week.

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