Venezuela Has a New President

Venezuelan president, new president Venezuela

Venezuela has chosen its new president. Nicolas Maduro clinched an extremely tight victory in yesterday’s polls.

He gained 50.7 per cent of the vote  compared to his rival Henrique Capriles who accrued 49.1 per cent of the votes.

Capriles, not satisfied with the results has promised to contest the results of the elections and stated that it was “even more loaded with illegitimacy.

The results of the elections could prove to be in the best interests of Jamaica.


Of the two candidates he is the more likely person to continue Chavez’s PetroCaribe arrangements and his anti-imperial foreign-policy stance in regional and world affairs.

He was the preferred candidate of the United States and of the dominant international media outside Venezuela.

In a victory speech, he stated that his victory was further proof that Chavez “continues to be invincible.”

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