Movie Style Jet Ski Robbery Foiled

One security guard is now in hospital after helping to prevent a robbery by armed men who tried to enter the Royal Grand Palladium Resort on jet skis from the sea, in Lucea, Hanover earlier today.

Great hotel in Jamaica

(Aerial view of The Royal Grand Palladium)

Sometime after 1 am today, four men on jet skis attempted to enter the resort, when they were confronted by the guard.

The valiant guard manged to shield the premises from the robbers but was was shot twice in the chest and leg.


He was later taken to hospital where he has undergone emergency surgery.

Police arrived on the scene shortly after the incident, managing to apprehend a  suspect in front of the resort, who was wet and had what appeared to be sand all over his body.

During interrogation the man could not give a valid account of why he was in that condition. He is now in the custody of the Police.

The incident is still being investigated.

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