EyeGen Shines with Debut Singles ‘All Right’ and ‘Rockaway’

It was destiny that connected reggae artist EyeGen with producer EchoSlim, to encourage everyone to Rockaway their troubles because everything will be All Right.

EchoSlim, a multi Grammy award nominated producer, and a Grammy-award winner as one of the talented producers on Koffee’s critically acclaimed EP “Rapture”, immediately realised the potential EyeGen had at their first meeting.

Instead of rushing to release new music with EyeGen, EchoSlim took a page out of Motown Records founder Berry Gordy’s book, and decided to spend years helping to develop the young talent into an artist that will become timeless.

The first releases of this development is a tribute to the 7-Inch (45) Record era, with the A-Side being “All Right”, and the B-Side being “Rockaway”.


An ode to legendary producers Bunny Striker Lee, King Tubby’s, and the living legend King Jammy’s, EchoSlim focused on channeling the magical energy from the previous generations into EyeGen’s future.

“All Right” is a positive uplifting Roots Reggae vibration that was recorded at the legendary Bunny Striker Lee’s studio and museum.

The song is a message from EyeGen to keep on going no matter the struggles you may endure in life, because as long as there is food on your table and a roof over your head, you are blessed.

This track was produced by EchoSlim and the multi-talented Kashief Lindo, and co-written by Emmy nominated songwriter Alexander Star.

This production team is known as Frens Fi Years (FFY). As “All Right” is the first track EyeGen recorded with EchoSlim, it seemed fitting that it should be the first to be released.

“Rockaway” has a more serious energy with an important message about the state of affairs in Jamaica.

Calling out all leaders who are using politics as a means to help themselves and not the citizens of Jamaica, EyeGen encourages everyone to rock away their troubles, and keep moving on, because once God loves you, there is no one who can stop you.


Produced by EchoSlim, this riddim has a modern dancehall vibe to which a younger audience can relate, but it never loses the message of love and inspiration.

Both singles are released on the Musically Unifying label, which is unifying the people with music, one song at a time.

Both songs are available on all major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. 

“All Right” and “Rockaway”, both debut releases, marks a major milestone in EyeGen’s career. 

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