Schools Ordered Closed in Light of Adverse Weather Conditions

In response to the looming threat of a developing tropical cyclone, the Ministry of Education has issued a directive for the closure of all schools on Friday.

This decision comes as a precautionary measure to ensure the safety of students, teachers, and staff in the face of anticipated heavy rainfall that could lead to flooding.

The Ministry of Education is closely monitoring advisories from the Meteorological Service regarding the potential transformation of the current weather system into a tropical cyclone.

The significant rainfall forecasted has raised concerns about the safety of individuals commuting between school and home.


To prioritise the well-being of the school community, the Ministry has activated an Education in Emergency Plan.

School administrators are tasked with ensuring the continuity of learning by transitioning to remote or online teaching modalities for the day.

For students without internet access or electronic devices, administrators are instructed to provide assigned tasks in workbooks or textbooks according to their timetables, aiming to minimise disruptions in the learning plan.

Communication channels within each institution are to be activated promptly by administrators to inform parents and guardians. 

Moreover, schools designated as emergency shelters are urged to coordinate with shelter managers to facilitate access and manage shelter activities if the need arises.

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