Jamaica’s Women’s Curling Team Wins Silver at World Curling Federation’s Pan Continental Championships!

Jamaica’s Women’s Curling Team recently clinched a historic silver medal at the prestigious Pan Continental Curling Championships in Kelowna, Canada.

Three decades after their memorable debut in the Winter Olympics with the bobsleigh team, immortalised in the film “Cool Runnings,” Jamaica has once again etched its name in the icy realm of winter sports.

The Caribbean nation, having joined the World Curling Federation in 2022, made a resounding impact on the international stage.

Curling, a sport played on ice where teams strategically slide stones towards a target called the House, has now become a platform for Jamaica to showcase its prowess.


The women’s team, led by the experienced Cristiene Hall-Teravainen as skip, displayed remarkable teamwork and skill throughout the tournament.

Hall-Teravainen, a veteran curler who first embraced the sport in the 1980s through her husband, moved from Jamaica to Toronto at the age of six.

She has been instrumental in promoting curling provincially in Ontario and, now as the vice-president of Curling Jamaica, has played a key role in the team’s development.

The path to this historic achievement began when Curling Jamaica founder and former President Ben Kong reached out to Hall-Teravainen.

Initially, she ignored the message, but destiny had other plans. Now, with the silver medal hanging proudly around their necks, the Jamaican women’s team has proved that dreams can be realised through passion and perseverance.

In a nail-biting final against powerhouse Team China, one challenging end saw the gold medal slip away with an 11-3 victory for the Chinese women skipped by Han Yu.

Despite this, Jamaica’s team, comprised of Madeleine Spurgeon, Stephanie Chen, and Margot Shepherd-Spurgeon can stand tall with their heads held high.


The Chinese women’s team, featuring Han Yu as skip claimed gold and secured promotion to next season’s A Division.

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