Prime Minister Holness Announces $1 Billion Upgrade for Ocho Rios Market

In a recent address to Jamaica Labour Party supporters at the Marcus Garvey High School in the St Ann North East constituency, Prime Minister Andrew Holness revealed plans for a substantial $1 billion investment to enhance the Ocho Rios market.

PM Holness expressed his commitment to revitalising the market, recognising its pivotal role in supporting the livelihoods of those present at the gathering.

“We are looking to spend $1 billion to improve the market. We’ve gone now through what is called the public investment approval process. We are almost there,” Holness announced.

“And as soon as we get approval, then we move to the contracting stage, and you will start to see work done to improve your market.”


Holness emphasised the significance of markets in any town and underscored the need for a departure from the perception of markets as chaotic and disorderly spaces.

“For too long, we’ve grown accustomed to the view that the market must be a chaotic place, a dirty place, a disorderly place. We need to change our markets to a place that is orderly, easy to use, and clean,” he added.

The Prime Minister outlined the government’s intention to allocate funds to provide the people of Ocho Rios with a first-class market facility.

However, he issued a cautionary note, urging users of the facility to commit to maintaining the building and its amenities to ensure its long-term preservation and functionality.

The proposed investment is set to transform the Ocho Rios market into a modern and efficient space.

Holness assured the public that the government is in the final stages of the public investment approval process and will swiftly move into the contracting phase once approval is obtained.

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