Motorists Granted Toll-Free Access from May Pen to Williamsfield on Highway 2000 Until Year-End

Prime Minister Andrew Holness via Youtube

The May Pen to Williamsfield segment of Highway 2000 has been opened to vehicular traffic, granting motorists toll-free access until the conclusion of this year.

The approximately US$188 million toll road was inaugurated on Thursday in a ceremony officiated by Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

During the ceremony, Prime Minister Holness revealed that while the processes and negotiations with the toll operator are progressing, tolling on the newly opened highway segment will officially commence on December 31st, 2023.

This decision aims to provide motorists with cost-free access for the remainder of the year.


Prime Minister Holness took the opportunity to outline the government’s plans for further infrastructure development.

He announced the intention to expand the East-West Highway, extending it westward from Williamsfield in Manchester to Hodges in St. Elizabeth.

This expansion project has the ultimate goal of connecting the East-West Highway to Negril, providing a vital alternative to the hazardous Spur Tree road.

The proposed extension will also adhere to international standards, boasting four lanes to accommodate increased traffic flow. Planning for this ambitious endeavor has already commenced, with an expected completion timeline of five years.

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