Government Unveils $40-Billion Road Programme to Enhance National Infrastructure

The government has announced plans to implement the Shared Prosperity through Accelerated Improvement to our Road Network (SPARK) Programme, a road improvement project aimed at modernising over 2,000 roads throughout the country.

Minister Everald Warmington, responsible for works in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, highlighted the significance of SPARK during his recent Sectoral debate presentation in Parliament, describing it as a “major game changer” in the efforts to enhance the condition of roads nationwide.

The initiative is being treated as an urgent matter by the administration due to road-related injuries, fatalities, and the deteriorating state of public thoroughfares resulting from years of insufficient investment.

The ultimate vision is to establish a safe, efficient, and reliable transport network that can effectively meet Jamaica’s economic and social requirements, according to Warmington.


The programme’s primary objectives encompass various aspects, including enhancing targeted road surfaces, improving intersections along urban corridors, implementing localised drainage systems, promoting road safety through the construction of retaining walls and installation of guard rails, as well as establishing pedestrian facilities at specific locations.

Warmington outlined six criteria that will determine which roads will receive attention under the SPARK Programme.

These criteria include assessing traffic volume, evaluating the condition of the roads, considering safety factors such as reducing accidents and improving emergency response times, taking into account the cost and feasibility of implementation, and considering social impacts such as increased access to services or reduced social fragmentation.

The implementation of the SPARK Programme reflects the government’s commitment to addressing the pressing need for road improvements across Jamaica.

By undertaking this comprehensive initiative, they aim to create a more efficient and secure transportation infrastructure that will significantly contribute to the nation’s economic growth and overall well-being.

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